Although our group is registered as a non-profit organization under the name: Donegal Township Riflemen, Inc., we portray different aspects of colonial life between 1750-1783.

  • Riflemen Donegal Township Riflemen of Lancaster County Pennsylvania was organized under the command of Colonel Alexander Lowery as part of his 3rd battalion. This was in the year of 1776, along with the organization of several other companies from Donegal, Rapho and Mount Joy Townships.
  • French Milice The Milice de la Belle Riviere or formally, La Compagnie de la Milice de Montreal sur la Belle Riviere, ( Company of Montreal Militia on the Ohio River)is a unit during the French and Indian War. This milice unit served in western Pennsylvania, constructing frontier fortifications for the French and helped secure disputed territory for the French King until late 1759.
  • PSR- Pennsylvania State RegimentThe Pennsylvania State Regiment (PSR) was reorganized and consolidated several times. Many PSR soldiers originally enlisted in Col. Miles’s Rifles or Col. Atlee’s Muskets, regiments formed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in March 1776 to protect the colony.
  • Woodland Natives  (American Indians) So often the early American Colonists were influenced by their neighboring Natives. The colonists adopted their survival methods including: hunting, scouting, farming, cooking, shelter, clothing and fighting tactics.